Hellooooo, world! How does the parmesan crust today?

Zgweebleville is a fuzzy, fluffy, crusty, bacon-y delight of a graphic novel that takes place in The Belly Button!


Glort is a shaggy-haired, big-footed dust bunny and the sole inhabitant and mayor of his lint fluff, Zgweebleville. When a large pile of dust suddenly drops from the sky and brings with it Seekloo, a studious and posh critter, Glort discovers that not only is he not alone in the universe of the The Belly Button, but more new friends may join him as lint fluffs collide!

Sure enough, Glort and Seekloo are soon joined by Gitzy, Zooba, and Geed, a trio of turtle-like creatures from a fluff known as The Big City. Anxious to help the new friends home and reunite them with their family, but also build Zgweebleville back up after the numerous lint fluff collisions, the gang concocts a way to zip through a wormhole back to The Big City.

Will the Zgweeble-friends arrive in one piece? Or will they lose their fuzzy home forever?

Discover what kind of crusty, stinky, bacon-y goodness awaits you in this inventive tale of friendship and intergalactic adventure!

We have finished our manuscript and are currently seeking a publisher!

Please message us with with inquiries, questions, comments, etc!

Thanks for supporting Zgweebleville!



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